Table 2.

Diffusion correlations with language and processing speed measuresa

Vocabulary KnowledgePicture VocabularyConnections Simple
L arcuate fasciculus FA (nodes 73–88)0.38***b0.31**0.16
L arcuate fasciculus MD (nodes 40–85)−0.18−0.14−0.41***b
R arcuate fasciculus MD (nodes 51–75)−0.10−0.08−0.44***b
L frontoparietal SLF MD (nodes 1–11)−0.06−0.10−0.28**b
R frontoparietal SLF MD (nodes 84–100)−0.07−0.04−0.31**b
  • aCorrelations of diffusion metrics averaged across tract segments with Z-transformed scores on the cognitive metrics. L, Left; R, right. Bootstrap (1000) CIs for significant correlations: L arcuate FA (nodes 73–88) with Vocabulary Knowledge [0.17, 0.55] and Picture Vocabulary [0.12, 0.48]; L arcuate MD (nodes 40–85) with Connections Simple [−0.57, −0.23]; and R arcuate MD (nodes 51–75) with Connections Simple [−0.60, −0.25].

  • bThe nodes in the defined region exhibited significant correlations in permutation testing across the entire tract.

  • **p < 0.01;

  • ***p < 0.001.