Table 4.

Hierarchical regression analyses with BDNF polymorphism and sleep consolidation index predicting scores on RAVLT and Logical Memory immediate and delayed recalls

PredictorsRAVLTLogical Memory
βR2R2 changeβR2R2 change
Learning trials (RAVLT)/immediate recall (Logical Memory)
    Step 119.0%**11.4%*
        Oxygen saturation <90% during sleep0.0290.071
    Step 220.7%**1.7%14.4%*1.7%
        BDNF polymorphism group−0.0840.064
        Sleep consolidation index0.1130.167
    Step 327.0%**6.3%**27.6%***18.1%***
        BDNF polymorphism group × sleep consolidation index−0.255**−0.371***
Delayed recalls
    Step 114.6%**5.5%
        Oxygen saturation <90% during sleep0.1310.099
    Step 215.9%*1.3%10.3%4.7%
        BDNF polymorphism group−0.0020.134
        Sleep consolidation index0.1210.180
    Step 322.3%**6.4%**16.6%*6.4%*
        BDNF polymorphism group × sleep consolidation index−0.258**−0.257*
  • *p < 0.05 (trend for significance),

  • **p < 0.00625 (p level threshold when Bonferroni correction was applied),

  • ***p < 0.0001.