Table 2.

Anatomical correlates of VLSM results for MBEA Scale and Rhythm scores

Anatomical regionScaleRhythm
Right caudate90.02%94.86%
Right HG**40.58%90.53%
Right insula*38.56%59.23%
Right pallidum86.82%89.81%
Right putamen90.02%94.86%
Right MTG**1.97%18.55%
Right STG**11.25%57.04%
Right middle temporal pole0.70%1.98%
Right superior temporal pole2.70%6.33%
  • The lesion patterns associated with poor performance in MBEA Scale and Rhythm subtests were overlaid with anatomical masks created with the WFU PickAtlas to obtain the amount of damaged voxels in different anatomical regions. For visual results, see Figure 4.

  • *p < 0.05, **p < 0.005; comparison (χ2) between the percentages of damaged voxels in Rhythm versus Scale (i.e., if the damaged area within the structure is larger in Rhythm than in Scale).