Table 2.

Relationship between memory and cortical thickness in anatomical regions within networks of interest

Regions of interestMemory performance (CVLT-LD), Pearson correlation coefficient (r)
Default mode network
    R AG0.20
    R SFG0.60***
    R rmPFC0.45***
    L rmPFC0.41**
    L dmPFC0.29
    L aMTG0.41**
Salience network
    R dAI0.34*
    R dlPFC0.34*
    R IFG0.24
    R dAI/FO0.32
    R MCC0.54***
    L MCC0.38*
    L dMI0.39*
    L vMI0.45***
Control regions
    L S10.27
    L LOcc0.10
    L calc 10.30
    L calc 20.14
  • Regions that survived Bonferroni corrections (p < 0.005) include the right SFG, right rmPFC, right MCC, and left vMI. Regions of interest listed here also appear in Figure 3. R, Right hemisphere; L, left hemisphere.

  • *p < 0.05;

  • **p < 0.01;

  • ***p < 0.001.