Table 2.

Predictors of SCS

Fixed effectsβ EstimateSEMTp
Stress × Tdiff−0.383670.11756−3.2640.00237
Stress × Hdiff0.330030.118682.7810.00848
HRV × Tdiff0.301000.062534.8142.51e-05
HRV × Hdiff−0.209290.06429−3.2550.00242
RE × Tdiff0.239350.079783.0000.00481
RE × Hdiff−0.174950.08761−1.9970.05323
  • Results from a GLM of SCS. SCS was computed as the mean number of trials in which participants chose the healthier, less tasty item in trials in which health and taste were not aligned (challenge trials). Resting HRV was defined as the SD of all RR intervals over a 3 min period. The cognitive restraint in eating score (RE) was obtained from the Three Factor Eating Questionnaire (Pudel and Westenhöfer, 1989). The regressor, Stress, is a binary factor indicating that the participant underwent the stress manipulation. The average health (Hdiff) and taste difference (Tdiff) regressors represent the mean taste temptation and health gain that participants were faced with during the dietary choice task. All estimates are reported with their SEM.