Table 4.

Pre-tDCS seed-to-voxel rsFC from the R Crus I predictive sentence cluster

ContrastCluster size (k)Locationp valueFWE cluster pMNI coordinates
Correlations with R Crus I seed15,873R Crus I/II<0.001<0.00128−68−32
13,280L middle frontal gyrus/inferior frontal gyrus<0.001<0.001−361650
3977L angular gyrus/supramarginal gyrus/inferior parietal lobe<0.001<0.001−48−6644
3058L middle temporal gyrus/inferior temporal gyrus<0.001<0.001−60−48−2
1055R inferior temporal gyrus<0.001<0.00150−12−38
805R angular gyrus<0.001<0.00160−6040
734L precuneus<0.001<0.001−2−5638
363R inferior frontal gyrus (pars orbitalis)<0.001<0.0014838−20
299R caudate nucleus<0.0010.002141012