Table 2.

Validation of candidate proteins identified in frontal cortex tissue of HOM and HET Disc1-mutant mice alongside WT mice using SRM-MS

ProteinWT-HOM miceWT-HET mice
Ratio Disc1/WTpqRatio Disc1/WTpq
ARF4 (P61750)0.830.02750.05540.720.00040.0013
EAA2 (P43006)0.840.02770.05540.790.00190.0046
1433B (Q9CQV8)0.572.50 × 10−113.05 × 10−100.751.44 × 10−58.65 × 10−5
1433G (P61982)0.611.50 × 10−99.29 × 10−90.860.00820.0163
DPYL1 (P97427)0.960.51870.77800.860.02760.0457
DPYL2 (O08553)0.694.00 × 10−50.00020.820.03040.0457
MATN4 (O89029)0.990.91190.96870.840.13350.1602
HS90A (P07901)1.000.96870.96870.890.190.2072
  • Selected proteins were either identified in the discovery study (Table 1) or previously linked to Disc1 function. The table includes Uniprot ID, ratios (calculated based on average), p values (p), and adjusted p values (q values). In bold are the proteins with a p value <0.05. HS90A, P07901, Heat shock protein HSP 90-α; MATN4 (O89029), matrilin-4; 1433G (P61982), 14-3-3 protein γ; 1433B (Q9CQV8), 14-3-3 protein β/α; EAA2 (P43006), excitatory amino acid transporter 2; ARF4 (P61750), ADP-ribosylation factor 4.