Table 3.

SVC results during entire Avoidance/Extinction phase, during CS+ versus CS presentationa

RegionMNI (x, y, z)VoxelsClusterwise corrected pVoxelwise corrected p
Masters CS+ > CS
    R caudate (extending to R putamen)6, 8, 42030.0040.0004
    L caudate−8, 12, 0710.0320.043
    R mPFC8, 42, 4620.0390.001
  • aFWE corrected, using nonparametric clusterwise correction for comparisons within bilateral amygdala, vmPFC, caudate, accumbens, and putamen with a cluster-forming threshold of t = 3, clusterwise p ≤ 0.05 (one-tailed). Voxelwise SVC p values are listed for the peak voxel of each cluster. N = 28 in each group.