Table 5.

Region of interest analysis for Experiment 2

Session/region/effectMNI coordinatesNumber of voxelsz valuep value
        Activation only5462273093.79<0.001
        Activation + REM31672756−3.180.001
        Activation + %REM376330103−3.060.001
        Activation only30492616−2.750.003
        Activation + REM33424114−2.880.002
        Activation + %REM2949265−2.640.010
        Activation only41862418−2.770.003
        Activation + SCR43883014−2.650.004
        Activation + REM4276261−2.360.010
        Activation + %REM5088281−2.340.010
  • The table shows results for the GLM analysis in Experiment 2 for ROIs. Reported above are the MNI coordinates, z values, and p values for the peak voxel within the cluster, as well as the size of cluster. Number of voxels is calculated based on a cluster-forming threshold of activity of z = 2.3.