Table 3.

Region of interest analysis for Experiment 1

Session/region/effectMNI coordinatesNumber of voxelsZ valuep value
        Activation only586528952.910.002
        Activation + SCR336529322.120.017
        Activation + REM57662729−2.410.008
        Activation + %REM58652812−1.910.028
        Activation only614727433−3.48<0.001
        Activation + REM26552555−2.390.008
        Activation + %REM26552515−2.580.005
        Activation only458128721−3.59<0.001
        Activation + REM40812842−2.290.011
        Activation + %REM458925167−2.980.001
        Activation only6162212.180.015
        Activation only54762922.650.004
Recall (CSE+ > CS−)
        Activation only354136−2.250.012
        Activation only52842822.650.004
Generalization (CSU+ > CS−)
        Activation only6258253−2.430.008
        Activation only5184272.020.022
  • The table shows results for the GLM analysis in Experiment 1, for each session, ROI, and contrast. Reported above are the MNI coordinates, z values, and uncorrected p values for the peak voxel within the cluster, as well as the size of cluster. Corrected p values are noted in the text. The number of voxels is calculated based on a cluster-forming threshold of activation of z = 2.3. In cases where peak activation did not reach this threshold, the number of voxels is not indicated.