Table 4.

Results of linear regression models for thalamic NAA/Cho and FA values from white-matter fibre pathways relative to early skin breaks in neonates born extremely preterm

NAA/Cho valuesFA values
ThalamusCorpus callosumPosterior white matterCingulum + fornix
β valuesp valuesβ valuesp valuesβ valuesp valuesβ valuesp values
Male sex−0.0120.262−0.0380.001b−0.041<0.0001b−0.0250.002
Birth GA0.021<0.0001a00.95−0.0050.392−0.0060.188
DOL at scan0.003<0.0001a0.001<0.0001b0.001<0.0001b00.202
Morphine dose00.41400.17b−0.00010.67800.008
Midazolam dose−0.0010.408−0.00010.890.00010.889−0.0010.299
Dexamethasone dose−0.0070.1210.0150.890.
Days of mechanical ventilation00.389−0.0010.006b−0.0010.002b0.0110.12
High early skin breaks−0.057<0.0001a0<0.0001b00.005b00.01b
High late skin breaks−0.0060.5460.000010.93700.4080.000010.876
  • Estimated coefficients and p values for early skin-breaking procedures in relation to NAA/Cho (left) values and FA (right) values in extremely (24–28 weeks' gestation) preterm neonates.

  • aStatistically significant, p < 0.05.

  • bStatistically significant, p < 0.013e.