Table 3.

Significant activation clusters associated with the perception of fairness and unfairness

Brain regionHemispherexyzNo. of voxelsZ
Clusters correlating with fairness (no chips taken) vs unfairness (amount of chips taken >0)
—Posterior insulaL−53−24224686.65
—Posterior insulaR5244966.34
—Posterior cingulateL−11−24461456.65
—Superior temporal sulcusL−60−20−10965.99
Clusters correlating with unfairness (amount of chips taken on unfair trials) vs fair trials
—DLPFCL−362542(same cluster as L VLPFC)5.94
—AInsR4822−6(same cluster as R VLPFC)6.6
—Occipital cortexL−53−66−6(same cluster as cerebellum)7.52
  • p < 0.05, FWE whole-brain corrected.