Table 3.

DDM posterior estimates and convergence for Model M2 with stimulus-locked ERP dataa

Drift (v), Intercept−2.0040.057
Drift (v), ERP−0.0490.010
Drift (v), ERP HealthOwn0.0000.005
Drift (v), ERP HealthSimilar−0.0030.004
Drift (v), ERP HealthDissimilar0.0170.004
Drift (v), ERP TasteOwn0.0280.004
Drift (v), ERP TasteSimilar0.0230.004
Drift (v), ERP TasteDissimilar−0.0010.004
Drift (v), HealthOwn0.0540.011
Drift (v), HealthSimilar0.1790.011
Drift (v), HealthDissimilar0.6720.011
Drift (v), TasteOwn0.7340.011
Drift (v), TasteSimilar0.6750.010
Drift (v), TasteDissimilar−0.0060.010
Barrier (a), Intercept2.0000.043
Barrier (a), Similar0.1180.016
Barrier (a), Dissimilar0.0430.016
Starting point (z)0.4940.006
  • aStatistics for parameter estimates reflect the mean ± SD of the N = 10,000 posterior samples of group-level parameters.