Table 2.

Regions demonstrating a significant modulation by boundary salience

Regions modulated by salienceCam-CANstudyforreststudyforrest with covariates
Hippocampus18.60.00050.0423.43.3 × 10−
Cingulate gyrus, posterior division30.53.7 × 10−50.1251.6 × 10−
Precuneous cortex22.60.00020.1411.20.0010.013.60.06
Parahippocampal gyrus, posterior division16.10.00090.09140.00030.011.10.3
Lingual gyrus17.50.00060.16150.00020.030.020.89
Regions modulated by nObserversF(1,17)pF(1,148)pF(1,129)p
Hippocampus18.60.00020.0417.74.5 × 10−
Cingulate gyrus, posterior division30.56.6 × 10− × 10−50.0150.03
  • Shown are regions from the whole-brain ROI-based analyses that demonstrated a significant modulation by salience (top) or by nObservers (bottom) in both experiments after correction for multiple comparisons (using Holm–Bonferroni). p-values and F-values are presented for the analyses both without covariates (both experiments) and with covariates (studyforrest only). Effect sizes (R2) were calculated based on the model including only the boundary effect (salience/nObservers) as a fixed effect. Region names were taken from the HOA atlas.