Table 1.

ROI analysisa

Region (L/R)Radius (mm)xyzpr
Sleep deprivation > sleep-rested
    Somatosensory (R)b836−45590.0040.55
    Dorsal ACC (R)816−7390.020.04
    Superior parietal (R)526−42660.51−0.04
Sleep-rested > sleep-deprived
    Middle insula (R)b8324110.0005−0.02
    Thalamus (L)b4−106100.005−0.54
    Anterior insula (L)b8−272500.0050.24
    Operculum (R)557150.04−0.36
    Substantia nigra (R)410−8120.09−0.31
    IFG (R)46424−60.47−0.47
    Middle cingulate/SMA106−6480.480.01
    Precuneus (R)44−54480.600.32
    ACC (R)61228280.630.36
    DLPFC (R)83335420.900.10
  • aBrain ROI analysis showing radius, MNI coordinates, and p and r values of extracted spheres. r, Pearson correlations between pain-related brain changes (sleep-deprived vs sleep-rested) and changes in thermal pain threshold (sleep-rested vs sleep-deprived). ACC, Anterior cingulate cortex; IFG, inferior frontal gyrus; SMA, supplementary motor area; DLPFC, dorsolateral prefrontal cortex.

  • bSignificant, following FDR correction, for paired comparison (sleep-rested </> sleep-deprived) of pain-related brain activity.