Table 1.

Average stimulus level (and SEM) calculated during behavioral testing in a mock scanner used to determine individual participant stimulus levels for the subsequent fMRI experiments

Experiment 1Experiment 2
    Identity36.5 (4.4)49.1 (5.3)48.9 (2.1)67.0 (3.7)
    Spatial/intensity7.2 (1.4)10.4 (1.2)0.23 (0.02)0.41 (0.04)
    Identity40.6 (3.1)54.4 (3.4)
    Spatial27.1 (2.7)39.1 (3.6)
  • Identity level was measured in percentage morph difference between the two stimuli. Spatial level was measured in pixel difference between the two faces, and simulated azimuth difference in degrees between two voices. Intensity level was measured in loudness difference (arbitrary unit) between the two pink noise elements of the acoustic object.