Table 1.

Demographic data indicating participant's age, type of epilepsy, hemisphere, and duration of epilepsy across all participants (N = 17) in the study

Subject no.AgeType of epilepsyHemisphereDuration of epilepsy (y)
166Left MTLLH7
235Right NTLRH28
331Right NTLRH3
442Left MTLLH11
645Left MTLLH22
742Bilateral MTL epilepsyB5
823Right NTLRH10
924Left MTLLH5
1042Bilateral MTLB9
1352Right MTLRH44
1439Bilateral NTLB17
1545Left NTLLH23
1636Left NTL and extratemporalLH26
1735Left MTLLH6
  • NTL, Neocortical temporal lobe; LH/RH, left/right hemisphere; B, bilateral.