Table 1.

Distribution of recalled or forgotten eventsa

Events recalledEvents forgottenTotal
Events recalled11.57 ± 0.647.03 ± 0.2018.60
Events forgotten7.00 ± 0.2111.40 ± 0.6818.40
  • aWe created a table of contingency for each of the participants to assess the possibility that recalled or forgotten events during movie-watching were nonuniformly preceded or followed by either recalled or forgotten events. Discarding this possibility is relevant to interpret our similarity (Fig. 5a) and ERP (Fig. 5b,c) findings at boundaries as specifically related to recall or forgotten in the later free recall task. For each participant, we performed a Fisher's exact test to statistically assess for an unequal distribution of events. This analysis resulted in nonsignificance (p > 0.05) for all participants, thereby indicating that the distribution of recalled and forgotten trials was uniform.