Table 1.

Sources and concentrations of primary antibodies used in this study for immunoblotting/immunofluorescence/immunoprecipitation

Primary antibody targetSourceCatalog#. (Host)Application (dilution)Reference, DOIImmunogen and reactivity
NF-H, Non-phosphorylated (SMI 32)BioLegend801702 (Mouse)IF (1:200) epitope in neurofilament H of mammalian species mouse, rat, and human
Iba-1Wako Chemicals019–19741 (Rabbit)IF (1:1000),,, peptide corresponding to C-terminus of Iba1
Reactivity: mouse and other
NEUROFILAMENT 200Sigma-AldrichN4142IF (1:200) 200 from the bovine spinal cord
(Rabbit)Reactivity: mouse and other
p-Stat1Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-8394IF (1:100) Stat1 of human origin
(A-2)(Mouse)IB (1:500) mouse, rat, and human
p-Stat6 (pY641.18)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-136019 (Mouse)IB (1:500) amino acid sequence containing phosphorylated Tyr 641 of Stat6 of human origin Reactivity: mouse and human
p-Stat3Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-8059 (Mouse)IB (1:500) amino acids 659–709 of Stat3 of human origin
(B-7) mouse, rat, and human
CD206Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-58986 (Mouse)IF (1:100) CD206 of human origin
(15-2)Reactivity: mouse, rat and human
p-NFκB p65 (27.Ser 536)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-136548 (Mouse)IB (1:500) amino acid sequence containing Ser 536 phosphorylated NFκB p65 of human origin
IF (1:100)Reactivity: mouse, rat, and human
CD16 (ASH 1975)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-52376 (Mouse)IF (1:100) against whole cells of human origin mouse, rat, and human
IFN-β (7F-D3)Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-57201 (Rat)IF (1:100)β of mouse origin; reactivity: mouse
IP-10Santa Cruz Biotechnologysc-374092IF (1:100) for an epitope mapping between amino acids 24–55 within an internal region of IP-10 of mouse origin
(E-2)(Mouse)Reactivity: mouse
STING (Phospho-Ser366)Affinity BiosciencesAF7416 (Rabbit)IF (1:200) synthesized peptide derived from human STING around the phosphorylation site of Ser366.
Reactivity: mouse, rat, and human
STINGMilliporeSigmaMABF270 (Mouse)WB recombinant human STING C-terminal cytoplasmic domain fragment (amino acids 301–315)
(1:500)Reactivity: mouse and human
NeuNMilliporeSigmaABN90IF (1:200) recombinant protein corresponding to the N-terminus of mouse NeuN
(Guinea Pig)Reactivity: mouse and rat
Map2Novus BiologicalsNB300-213 (Chicken)IF (1:200) human construct of projection domain sequences, amino acids 377–1505
Reactivity: mouse, rat, and human
p-PERKAbcamab192591 (Rabbit)IB (1:1000) synthetic peptide corresponding to human PERK aa 976–988 (phospho T982)
(phospho T982)IF (1:100)
Reactivity: Mouse, rat, and human
PERKAbcamab79483 (Rabbit)IB (1:1000) synthetic non-phospho-peptide derived from human PERK around the phosphorylation site of threonine 981 (RHTPGQ) Reactivity: mouse, rat, and human
IP (1:100)
  • IF, Immunofluorescence; IP, immunoprecipitation; and IB, immunoblotting.