Table 1.

List of the 12 subjects analyzeda

Patient IDType of IEDsSeizure onset zone
P32Generalized spike and waveUndetermined
P34Left hippocampalBitemporal
P35Left hippocampalLeft temporo-neocortical
P36Right hippocampalRight medial temporal
P38BitemporalRight medial temporal
P39BitemporalRight insular
P47BitemporalLeft medial temporal
P48BitemporalLeft neocortical
P49BitemporalLeft amygdala
P54 (x3)Bitemporal and generalized spike and waveRight medial temporal
P55Right hippocampalRight medial temporal
P56Left hippocampalBitemporal
  • aEach subject contributed one session, except P54, who contributed 3 sessions.