Table 3.

Somatosensory cortical areas that increased their functional connectivity with the left cerebellum as a function of behavioral somatosensory attenuationa

Brain regionCluster size (voxels)MNI coordinates (mm)zp
L supramarginal gyrus26−62−36343.88p = 0.006 FWE-correctedb
R postcentral gyrus (S1)1436−32703.37p = 0.028 FWE-correctedb
R parietal operculum (S2)/supramarginal gyrus1056−34283.28p = 0.036 FWE-correctedb
  • aPeaks reflecting greater connectivity with the cerebellar seed during touch delivered in the context of a self-generated movement compared with touch delivered in the absence of movement as a function of behavioral attenuation (Movement0cm × Touch0cm interaction, direction: self > external). See also Table 3-1, Table 3-2, Table 3-3, and Table 3-4).

  • bAfter small-volume correction.