Table 2.

Two-way repeated-measures ANOVA to assess the effect of recording site on laser-evoked LFP responses (2 × 2 ANOVA, with hemisphere (contralateral, ipsilateral) and brain region (S1, M1) as experimental factors)

Main effectsHemisphere × brain region interaction
HemisphereBrain region
F valuep valuePartial η2F valuep valuePartial η2F valuep valuePartial η2
Superficial layers
    N1 amplitude11.700.0040.45519.840.0010.5860.360.5560.025
    N1 latency3.520.0820.2015.520.0340.2830.500.4900.035
    GBO magnitude0.930.3500.0587.310.0160.3285.170.0380.256
Deep layers
    N1 amplitude44.15<0.0010.7739.470.0090.4222.770.1200.176
    N1 latency0.190.6670.0144.760.0470.2540.710.4150.048
    GBO magnitude0.830.3780.0561.050.3240.0700.170.6860.012
  • p values <0.05 are highlighted in bold.