Table 1.

Table of math symbols and their interpretation

MathematicalsymbolMeaning in the modelSignificance in the olfactory system
Embedded ImageAfferent input to PNsActivity of ORNs
Embedded ImageActivity of neural units driving the latent decoderFiring rate of PNs with baseline activity set to zero.
Embedded ImageActivity of auxiliary population of neuronsFiring rate of LNs with baseline activity set to zero
Embedded ImageDecoded latent space activity: each dimension indicates accrued evidence regardingpresence of high-level stimulus featuresIntermediate representation of stimulus information thatdrives downstream behavioral/motor responses
Embedded ImageDynamics of the latent space decoder. A represents the internal dynamics of the decoder. Weights of matrix b represent combinatorial encoding
zA fixed representation associated with a particular stimulus
QPenalty on accuracy of latent representation
SPenalty on neural resources (i.e., energy used)
RRegularization on rapid fluctuation in firing rate activity
Embedded ImageConnections mapping slow processing of Embedded Image onto its dynamics
Embedded ImageConnections mapping fast processing of Embedded Image onto its dynamics
Embedded ImageExcitatory connections from the representative PNs to the auxiliary populationExcitatory synaptic connections from PNs to LNs
Embedded ImageInhibitory connections from the auxiliary population to the putative PNsInhibitory synaptic connections from LNs to PNs
Embedded ImageIntrapopulation interactionsSynaptic connections among PNs and LNs
Embedded ImageComputational parameters (matrix) that must satisfy the following: Embedded Image, Embedded Imageand Embedded Image
CFraction of neurons responding to both red/blue stimuliPercentage of projection neurons that respond to morethan one sensory stimulus
Embedded ImageUnit variance Gaussian noise for the network model developed through Stochastic Linear Quadratic Regulator formulationBackground noise in neural response
Embedded ImageDuration of stimulus periodDuration of stimulus period