Table 2.

Sensitive units by major subnuclei group

BL (n = 117)CM (n = 39)R (n = 46)p value
Trial type5420260.476
EV (exp)12250.590
EV (obs)15120.070
Outcome (exp)12280.184
Outcome (obs)8020.228
RPE (exp)7150.284
RPE (obs)4040.110
  • Testing the spatial specialization of value coding in amygdala. Number of sensitive units for each of the tested variables by major amygdalar subnuclei group (BL: deep and basolateral; CM: superficial or corticomedial; R: remaining nuclei). We tested for independence between major amygdalar subnuclei groups and proportion of significant units with a χ2 test (2 degrees of freedom, p values indicated for each variable) and found no evidence for any subnuclei group being more likely to contain sensitive units for any tested variable.