Table 1.

Details of antibodies used for immunoblotting, immunoprecipitation, and immunofluorescence

Antibody againstDilution for immunoblotting/immunoprecipitationDilution for immunofluorescenceCompany
Actin1:15,000Sigma Millipore
Atg-51:250Novus Biologicals
Beclin-11:1000Novus Biologicals
ChAT1:500Sigma Millipore
2 µg/300 µg of total proteinaa
20 µg/mlSigma Millipore
GAPDH1:2500Santa Cruz Biotechnology
GFAP1:300Cell Signaling Technologies
GFP1:10001:300Thermo Fisher Scientific
Iba-11:500Wako Chemicals
IkBα1:2000Santa Cruz Biotechnology
Phospho-IκBα1:1000Cell Signaling Technologies
LC3-II1:250Novus Biologicals
NeuN1:500Cell Signaling Technologies
1.5 µg/300 µg of total proteinaa
Santa Cruz Biotechnology
Phospho-NF-κB (Ser 536)1:1000Cell Signaling Technologies
SOD1 mAb (misfolded; clone B8H10)1 μg/300 μg total proteinaaGenerated from hybridoma in the laboratory
SOD1 pAb1:5000Enzo Life Sciences
Pan TDP-431:2500Proteintech
Human TDP-431:1000Thermo Fisher Scientific
Human TDP-431:250Abnova
  • aFor immunoprecipitation.