Table 1.

GLM events and regressors

EventIndicatorParametric modulatorDesignTypes
InspectionBoxcar2*2*2First, second
(4–7 s)Up, down
Preferred, rejected
SummaryDeltaGV, goal value2*2*2First, second
DM, disincentive markdownUp, down
Preferred, rejected
DecisionDeltadGV, goal value difference3Free choice
dDM, markdown differenceImperative (preferred)
Imperative (rejected)
  • In each trial, two options are inspected sequentially (first and second), one option is increasing (up) and the other decreasing (down), and one is subsequently chosen (preferred) while the other is not (rejected). The summary is defined as the end of the inspection epoch. In the decision phase, one choice is free, while two are imperative encoded according to the free choice.