Table 3.

Whole-brain responses to actual and counterfactual gain versus loss outcomes

Gain versus loss outcomesCounterfactual gain versus loss outcomes
RegionxyzPeak z#VRegionxyzPeak z#V
Experiment 1Experiment 1
L NAcc−107−36.23339L NAcc−1310−65.88100
R NAcc1310−66.12335R NAcc1312−35.0894
L angular gyrus−45−57354.55300R putamen30−834.6985
L sup frontal gyrus−1921464.98206R lingual gyrus22−89−34.4762
L inf frontal gyrus−453385.22192R supramarginal gyrus54−40354.3343
L cingulate gyrus−4−37384.97182R mid frontal gyrus3033354.0335
L med frontal gyrus−19−8494.0973R anterior cingulate142144.0630
L inf temp gyrus−48−19−184.4864R precentral gyrus481063.8218
R inf temp gyrus56−28−154.2353Experiment 2
L ant cingulate−242124.1051R NAcc1310−95.91398
R angular gyrus36−60324.2048R inf temp gyrus39−69−05.44243
R sup frontal gyrus2533434.4945L mid occipital gyrus−33−74−05.21181
R inf parietal lobule48−46433.9742R inf parietal lobule36−43434.07152
L med frontal gyrus−227383.7539L NAcc−1610−65.69113
L inf frontal Gyrus−2224−124.5925Right precentral gyrus39−2264.4391
R cerebellar tonsil42−54−383.8724L cerebellum−25−63−264.7053
R mid frontal gyrus285333.7322R fusiform gyrus45−51−94.2531
Experiment 2R mid frontal gyrus36−2553.8231
R (+L) NAcc167−37.5114381L precuneus−22−51464.1028
R cerebellar tonsil42−54−416.00214L supramarginal gyrus−39−37383.9326
R sup temp gyrus56−57235.30163R mid frontal gyrus363963.7019
R parahippocampal gyrus25−31−64.5351R precentral gyrus4521353.9419
R mid frontal gyrus3030294.0346
R culmen25−31−204.5635
  • Threshold: z = 3.29, p < 0.001, uncorrected. Cluster, minimum 18 voxels; voxel size = 2.9 mm3; Talairach coordinates: L, left; R, right; mid, middle; temp, temporal; sup, superior; inf, inferior; #V, number of voxels. Predicted associations in bold.