Table 4.

Whole-brain activity forecasting stock price direction (price continues) and inflection (i.e., price changes)

Stock price directionStock price inflection
RegionxyzPeak z#VRegionxyzPeak z#V
Experiment 1Experiment 1
L cuneus−10−9583.8531R precuneus25−66325.80632
R mid occipital gyrus25−860−5.0121L sup occipital gyrus−30−72295.28519
Experiment 2R medial frontal gyrus133404.31105
L cingulate gyrus−2−46354.1974L inf temporal gyrus−57−37−185.0269
R mid occipital gyrus39−743−4.5837R pallidum10−234.5466
L precuneus−2−66263.5722L cuneus−13−74124.4664
L cerebellar lingual gyrus−13−83−64.0720L pallidum−13134.3137
R ant insula391804.6429
L precuneus−13−74435.0528
R thalamus10−14144.8226
L thalamus−7−16124.3025
L cerebellar declive−30−57−124.4321
R cingulate gyrus1−34264.5921
R cuneus10−69143.9019
Experiment 2
R ant insula2818−33.9722
  • Whole-brain analysis: threshold z = 3.29, p < 0.001, uncorrected. Cluster, Minimum 18 voxels; voxel size, 2.9 mm3; Talairach coordinates: L, left; R, right; mid, Middle; temp, temporal; sup, superior; inf, inferior; #V=number of voxels. Predicted associations in bold.