Table 1.

Whole-brain findings during decision-making across groupsa

RegionRight/leftCluster size (voxel)Peak TMNI coordinates
Decision human > decision computer
    Medial orbitofrontal gyriBilateral3516.28244−14
Risky decision > safe decision
    Inferior frontal gyrus, triangularisR22188.77442424
    Middle occipital gyrusL5887.65−44−684
    Fusiform gyrusL2497.29−22−80−8
    Middle temporal gyrusR4526.7742−5810
    Lingual gyrusR5956.604−80−4
    Anterior cingulate cortexBilateral3316.268−1430
    Precentral gyrusL5576.15−42−648
    Supplementary motor areaR6336.098860
    Supramarginal gyrusR3136.0744−4014
    Superior parietal gyrusL2035.99−26−5248
    Superior temporal gyrusR1105.9050−22−4
    Inferior temporal gyrusL1205.73−40−44−14
    Superior occipital gyrusL2205.58−14−6638
    Insular cortexL2145.47−30262
    Inferior parietal gyrusR1395.2828−5252
Risky decision human > risky decision computer
    Superior temporal gyrusR4487.6048−4010
    Medial orbitofrontal gyriBilateral3285.79242−14
    Inferior frontal gyrus, triangularisR3155.49421622
  • aCluster sizes are based on the initial cluster-forming height threshold of p < 0.001. Peak T and MNI coordinates are listed for FWE-corrected p values < 0.05 on peak level. No cluster survived the FWE correction on the peak level for the safe decision human > safe decision computer contrast.