Table 1.

MNI coordinates, effect size, exact significance, and cluster size of significant relations between IC performance and cortical surface areaa

Anatomical regionPeak voxel coordinate in MNI 305 space (x, y, z)Correlation (peak voxel)Cluster wise p valueCluster size (mm2)
Whole-brain analysis
    “Cold” IC
L RFC−35.457.1−6.20.4310.00459687.43
L inferior temporal lobe−63.3−43.2−20.20.5440.00978628.70
L precentral gyrusb−28.6−
R PCCb13.6−23.935.90.4800.00938614.13
Small-volume correction: sCCN
    “Cold” IC
L RFCb−33.156.2−2.10.3410.00020376.86
R RFCb32.253.8−4.70.3580.00060209.65
R IPLb44.0−
    “Hot” IC
L SMGb−51.5−49.859.00.2160.01720113.21
Small-volume correction: PFC
    “Cold” IC
L RFCb−35.457.1−6.20.4200.00010687.43
R RFCb38.058.8−7.10.3870.03790217.05
R caudal ACC8.740.09.70.4590.00120374.78
  • aAll effects are controlled for children's chronological age and gender. PCC, Posterior cingulate cortex; SMG, supramarginal gyrus.

  • bRegions were independent from the other IC domain.