Table 2.

MNI coordinates, effect size, exact significance, and cluster size of significant relations between IC performance and streamline density in WM tractsa

Seed regionRegion of clusterTractography WM tractsMNI coordinates center of gravityCorrelation coefficientp valueCluster size (voxels)
“Cold” IC
    R IPLR DLPFCR SLF20.813.936.20.470.002c127
    L thalamusCCMajor forcepsb4.9−31.619.10.470.0230123
    L thalamusCCMajor forceps−13.3−<0.001c83
    L thalamusL PoCGL corticospinal tractb−14−26.649.70.440.007c60
“Hot” IC
    R thalamusR thalamusR thalamic radiation10.9−27.919.70.420.001c64
  • aAll effects are controlled for children's chronological age and gender, as well as surface area/volume of the respective seed region. DLPFC, Dorsolateral PFC; CC, corpus callosum; PoCG, postcentral gyrus.

  • bRegions independent from the other IC domain.

  • cp values surviving Bonferroni correction for the number of tracts.