Table 1.

Summary of Gal4 line results

Driver lineOther namesTarget interneuronsConnected to aCCReference
R36G02-Gal4A27 h-GAL4A27hFushiki et al. (2016)
R15B07-Gal4CLI2-GAL4A18aA. Zarin
R47E12-Gal4CLIs-GAL4A18a/A18b3Hasegawa et al. (2016)
R47E12-Gal4; cha3.3-Gal80CLI-GAL4A18a/A18b3Hasegawa et al. (2016)
tsh-Gal80; R47E12-Gal4, cha3.3-Gal80CLI1-GAL4A18b3xHasegawa et al. (2016)
R78F07-Gal4A23aZarin et al. (2019)
SS04495-Gal4R41G07-AD; R78F07-DBDA23aKohsaka et al. (2019)
No labelR78F07-AD; R49C08-DBDA23aA. Zarin
SS04399-Gal4R20A03-AD; R93B07-DBDA31kKohsaka et al. (2019)
A31KxZarin et al. (2019)
R87H09-Gal4R20A03-AD; R87H09-DBDA31KxA. Zarin
  • In the Driver line column, bold type indicates confidence in the monosynaptic connection to aCC; underlining indicates either no connection or a possible connection to aCC which is conflated by lack of specificity of driver.