Table 3.

Local maxima of negative and positive saliences identified in LV 2

Temporal lagBSRCluster sizeTalairach coordinatesGyral locationBA
Negative saliences
Left hemisphere
3, 4, 5−4.5848−38−68−6Inferior occipital gyrus extends into fusiform gyrus BA1919
3−4.5423−27−8510Middle occipital gyrus18, 19
3−4.3224−16−15−12Parahippocampal gyrus28
3−4.1810−532720Middle/inferior frontal gyrus45, 46
4−5.2231−23−23−6Parahippocampal gyrus28
5−4.8317−241834Middle frontal gyrus8
5−4.1122−16−65−2Lingual gyrus18, 19
5−3.8910−12−87−4Lingual gyrus18
Right hemisphere
3−4.621640−65−8Fusiform gyrus19, 37
3−4.613136−30−12Parahippocampal gyrus, fusiform gyrus36, 20
5−4.311229247Inferior frontal gyrus47
Positive saliences
Right hemisphere
3, 44.331743−6239Angular gyrus/inferior parietal lobule39, 40